6:45pm, Tue, 11 Feb 2020

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Venue: 16 Mattingleys Approach, Burns Beach
  • Program
  • Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
    6:45pmSet up room15 
    7:00pmPhysical warm-ups15Cheryl HadfieldTheatre Sports
    7:15pmVocal warm-ups15Kali Caramiaworking on pitch - all guests join us
    7:30pmOther0Kali voice placements
    7:30pmRun through set20Run Feb 16 performance
    7:50pmRehearse song60Kali Caramiastart at back page. work on pitch. where is Do?
    8:50pmIntroduce song10Kali CaramiaWaltzing Matilda/Largo lead and any parts known or sight read
    9:00pmIntroduce song10Kali CaramiaWe Believe in Music - run orchestra track. which part?
    9:10pmRehearse song5Kali Caramiafor show?
    9:15pmRehearse song30Kali Caramiaduets.
    Program Duration: 195 minutes; Finish time: 10:00pm