IBC Awards

Sweet Adeline of the Year


Our Sweet Adeline of the Year for 2021 was awarded to Barb Turner, Indian Blue's Membership Coordinator.

Barb's commitment to the wellbeing of our chorus members during the challenges of 2020 was recognised and celebrated! Barb first walked through our doors in early 2019, joining one of our ‘learn to sing’ courses. From the moment she joined, Barb has approached all chorus activities in a very enthusiastic manner, quickly becoming a valued member of the Indian Blue family. She is committed, reliable, caring, always willing to help and is generous with both her time and her heart. Barb epitomises the Indian Blue values each and every time she walks through the doors at rehearsal or performs with us.

Indian Blue Chorus is thrilled to announce that Kathryn Buehrig is our Sweet Adeline of the Year for 2020.

Kathryn came to one of our Real Women, Real Harmony, Real Fun courses in 2016, joining the tenor section. Since that time, she has actively been involved in many aspects of chorus life. Kathryn always attends rehearsals, volunteering to do any manner of jobs for the chorus, despite having enormous commitments with her family and working fulltime! She always has such a positive attitude, smiling face and energy that permeates through the chorus!

Indian Blue Chorus is thrilled to announce our Team Coordinator, Helen Bolton, as our Sweet Adeline of the Year for 2019.

Helen has been an integral part of IBC since it started back in 2013 with a Real Women Chorus and under her leadership took the group to chartering. She has very capably led the chorus in the role of Team Coordinator since that time. She has also been at the helm of the Basses as Section Leader and has mentored many within the chorus encouraging their growth in skills. Helen is a dedicated Sweet Adeline and willingly volunteers her time and skills to the region.

Indian Blue Chorus's 2018 Sweet Adeline of the Year goes to Alison Carrivick

Each year, members of the Indian Blue chorus vote for who they believe is deserving of the prestigious Indian Blue Chorus Sweet Adeline of the Year Award.  This year the award was presented to Alison (Ali) Carrivick, our 5th recipient.  Ali is currently Music Services Coordinator and Baritone Section Leader.