World Singing Day 2019 in the City

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Date Posted: Wed, 31 Jul 2019
Indian Blue Chorus members are proudly participating with singers and community members from all around Perth at this years World Singing Day Perth 2019 heald at Yagan Square.

Come and join us! Event warm up will commence 11.30am on Saturday 19 October 2019 at Yagan Square. 

Join the hundreds of community members who will gather together to unite the world in song as part of this long standing global event. 

The organisers  have an array of well known classic karaoke songs with the song lyrics clearly displayed on the giant digital screen for everyone to join in at Yagan Square. .

Singing is an art form that connects across all cultures and communities. There is no qualifying requirement apart from the desire to come together and sing. The repertoire is chosen in a way that will engage the diversity in our community reaching out to those in the suburbs as much as those in the inner city.

Local Event Host: Sue Ross, Director, Choirs4Kids & Vivid Voices

et’s unite the world in song at sing-alongs all over the world on Saturday, October 19, 2019. This year we'll be celebrating our 8th annual global sing-along, and volunteer hosts around the world, just like David Corder, will be hosting sing-alongs in their own communities on the same day as yours.

When you sing on World Singing Day you are being a part of something big. Our theme song carries our simple message: "I sing to you and you sing to me. We sing together till the whole world sings." It’s a simple but powerful idea and we expect lots of people to join in the fun this year.

Get your free tickets above and add the event to your calendar.
You don't need to bring your ticket with you but registering for your ticket(s) will help Sue better plan for the event.

Have fun together Perth! Let's sing together and unite the world.

-Scott Johnson, founder of World Singing Day
World Singing Day 2019
sing-along events coordinated
by the World Singing Day team
in the birthplace of WSD, Boulder, Colorado USA

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