6:45pm, Tue, 13 Oct 2020

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Venue: Bramston Park
    Mattingleys Approach, Burns Beach WA 6028
  • Program
  • Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
    6:45pmSet up room0300 
    7:15pmPhysical warm-ups05Teddy Gordon 
    7:20pmVocal warm-ups010Kali CaramiaSue Pearson
    7:30pmRehearse song84150Oct 16 group.
    7:45pmRehearse song58150oct 16 group
    8:00pm0050Moving Parts
    8:05pmRehearse song68150Oct 16 group
    8:20pm0050Teach a Tag/Saints Go Marching etc.
    8:25pmRehearse song83100oct 16 group
    8:35pmRehearse song11100oct 16 group
    8:45pm0050Moving Parts song and patter.
    8:50pmRehearse song92100with backing track... full chorus then Oct 16 group
    9:00pmRehearse song91200whole song - check last page
    Program Duration: 165 minutes; Finish time: 9:30pm