ZOOM together!!

7:00pm, Tue, 14 Apr 2020

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  • Type of event: Rehearsal
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    7:00pmBump in10Kali CaramiaWelcome - How is everyone?
    7:10pmPhysical warm-ups5Brenda Smalley 
    7:15pmPhysical warm-ups5with Donya Metzger!
    7:20pmVocal warm-ups15Kali Caramiaplus solfege and new info, info on poll, info on Steve Scott
    7:35pmRehearse song5rehearse against 4 part track
    7:40pmRehearse song5rehearse with Musical Island Boys
    7:45pmPerform song10rehearse and then record yourself against 4 part track
    7:55pmChoreography rehearsal30Ali Carrivickreview last weeks signing, show whole song and rehearse team first two verses
    8:25pmOther20Break out Rooms for social chat
    8:45pm010Notices/farewells good night xxx
    Program Duration: 115 minutes; Finish time: 8:55pm