Indian Blue Chorus

Event Program, For 25/02/2020 - Rehearsal with Special Meeting

Event Start time: 6:45pm
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
6:45pmSet up room15 
7:00pmPhysical warm-ups15Cheryl HadfieldTheatre Sports
7:15pmOther5Induction of Desiree De G and presentation of 5 year pin
7:20pmVocal warm-ups15Kali Caramiafocus on pitch
7:35pmAudition5Kali Caramia 
7:40pmRun through set30Kali Caramiawith script and review staging moves
8:10pmRehearse song35Kali Caramialast page first, then middle then first - focus pitch
8:45pmRehearse song30Kali Caramiapart by part with lead
9:15pmRehearse song20Kali Caramiawords - speak and sing
9:35pmSpecial Meeting25including special meeting for changes to Standing Rules (Assoc Member and budget)
Program Duration: 195 minutes; Finish time: 10:00pm