Indian Blue Chorus

Event Program, For 10/12/2019 - Last Rehearsal for 2019

Event Start time: 6:30pm
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
6:30pmSet up room30 
7:00pmPhysical warm-ups10Kathryn and Jos
7:10pmVocal warm-ups15Kali and Margaret - solfege and start notes.
7:25pmPerform song5Kali Caramia 
7:30pmPerform song5Kali Caramia 
7:35pmRehearse song20Kali Caramialast page
7:55pmOther0Kali CaramiaKali doing PVI's Rikke W
7:55pmPerform song5bars 11- 15 G - A. Duet with the tenors. (Jingles)
8:00pmPerform song5Duets (choosing start note) Team 1 and 2 to tag
8:05pmPerform song5(Jingles)
8:10pmPerform song5Duets (choosing start note) *
8:15pmPerform song5Duets (choosing start note) *
8:20pmPerform song5 
8:25pmPerform song5 
8:30pmPerform song5 
8:35pmPerform song5watch pitch - very rangy - (Jingles)
Program Duration: 145 minutes; Finish time: 8:55pm