Our Quartets


In April 2016, True Blue became Indian Blue Chorus first registered and auditioned quartet!


All the Members of this quartet are Baritones (need we say more) all relativity new to barbershop Helen & Alison having been with the chorus since it’s beginning (3 years) Liz (2 years ) and Mathilda (1 year).

They are now honing their skills  for competition in Perth May 2017!

Helen Hayes – Baritone

Alison Carrivick – Bass

Mathilda Joubert – Lead

Liz Browning – Tenor


Eclipse is our second registered Indian Blue Chorus quartet, including mother-daughter!!!

Tessa Caramia – Lead

Kathryn Buehrig – Tenor

Kali Caramia – Bass

Diane Durham – Baritone


PAST Quartets


Indian Blue Chorus tenor section leader Alison Senior joined forces with three Sisters in Harmony from Perth Harmony Chorus to form the quartet, NightinGALS.
These ladies competed in Woolongong at the 2016 Sweet Adelines Australia competition, after which they retired.
Sally Hogg – Baritone, Geri McDonald – Lead, Lyn Cutten – Bass, Alison Senior – Tenor