Management Team 2017-2018


Our 2017-18 Management Team

(Front L-R) Morag Nelson, Helen Bolton, Kali Caramia, Jocelyn Brash and Kathy Golowacz          
(Back L-R) Lou Patchitt, Chris Jones, Alison Carrivick,  Viv Beacher and Margaret Patullo

We are delighted to have held our 4th Annual Indian Blue Chorus (IBC) Management Team Installation Ceremony at Bramston Park Community Centre in Burns Beach in the City of Joondalup.

The installation of the management team is a recognition of the voluntary work each individual does to work as a united group to give a sense of belonging, compassion, friendship, support and guidance to all of its members. The installation is a formalisation of all the work the Indian Blue Chorus Management Team members contribute to the many hands and hours dedication to enable the Indian Blue Chorus to be more than members, IBC is a community, a family, a sisterhood and most of all part of an International Chapter of singing.

This years’ Installation Ceremony sees a transitioning of established Management Team personnel stepping down and welcoming new personnel stepping in. We’d like to wish all transitioning members well and give thanks for time and dedication served as well as acknowledging the roles and responsibilities of those who are stepping in to serve the Chorus for 2017-2018.

Management Team Positions:

  • Finance Coordinator – Morag Nelson
  • PR & Marketing – Lou Patchitt (Lyn Hull Outgoing)
  • Team Coordinator – Helen Bolton
  • Events Coordinator – Chris Jones
  • Music Services  Coordinator Alison Carrivick
  • Director – Kali Caramia
  • Membership Coordinator – Viv Beacher
  • Visual and Performance Coordinators – Kathy Golowacz & Jocelyn Brash
  • Communication Coordinator – Margaret Patullo.